Change of Address:
Please provide the front desk if you have any changes to your address or phone numbers.

Please notify receptionist at time of booking if visit is WCB or ICBC related. The allotted time for a routine visit is 10 minutes and up to 30 minutes for other appointment types.Please present your most urgent concern first. The Dr may require you to book a follow up appointment for other concerns.
Please call immediately if you cannot make your scheduled appointment time so that other patients can be booked in that time slot.

NO-SHOW Appointment- We understand that situations occur and take this into consideration. We will mail out a missed appointment letter outlining our policy and if a second visit is missed you  will be billed.

Advanced Access:
We reserve emergency same day appointment spots for each physician. If you need to be seen same day for an urgent issue call our office after 8:00 am and we will try to accommodate you.

We do not provide results over the phone; please book an appointment with your physician to review ( patients can also register for “My Health Portal” at the lab or hospital).

Prescription Refills:
You must make an appointment with your physician for medication refills. At present this can be done via telehealth and prescriptions will be faxed to your pharmacy.

Uninsured Services:
Drivers Medical – $75
Kenalog Injection – $15
Disability Tax Credit – $50
Insurance Forms – vary in price $35- $150 (Please read form carefully to see if patient is responsible for costs)

We accept Visa , MasterCard and Debit for Uninsured services